Code to apps in minutes

Turn code & CLI scripts into powerful web apps.
Automate ad-hoc tasks with repeatable workflows.

Automated Boilerplate

Auto-generated UIs and libraries to abstract data processing steps

Built for Developers

Use software development best practices to build apps & data processing pipelines

Enterprise Ready

Deploy on-prem or within your VPC & use authentication and group-based policies

Sample Use Cases

Admin Panels

Combine data from DBs and files for internal web apps and dashboards

Onboarding Workflows

Automate spin-up of data and infrastructure for new customers

Custom Reports

Schedule data extraction and reporting for internal teams

Data Ingest

Light up customer and campaign data in DBs, tickets, and CRMs

Metrics Parsing

Automate processing of logs, spreadsheets, and CSVs to create internal DBs

Scheduled & Batch Jobs

Replace unwieldy crons and Airflow pipelines with simple scripts that run on schedule

Testimonials from our early users

"Our team is looking at a consolidated dashboard everyday. Been very useful rather than running scripts on multiple machines"

Engineering Manager

"Within a week, we were up and running and were able to deliver impact across multiple teams within our organization"

Dev Lead

A Modular Stack For Your Specific Use Case.

Stitch together connectors, pipelines, and UI components through our “code-first” approach for your team’s specific needs.

App templates that can be tailored to your specific last mile needs

Building blocks to convert scripts into web apps and pipelines

Support for Python, Jupyter, YAML, and SQL

Hooks for Auth and group-based user management

Partners & Investors

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